12th March 2019

Our children, many of whom will never be able to board a plane and experience a family holiday overseas, are now having some of the experience thanks to our brand new Around the World Room.

Our amazing new room allows us to immerse our wonderful children and their families in a whole new travel environment. And it’s been made possible thanks to a grant from Thomas Cook Children’s Charity.

The room was previously our Teenage Room, and was the only room left untouched since our refurbishment back in 2014.

Thanks to the Thomas Cook grant of £1,770, our room can now boast a mural of beaches, mountains and sights from across the globe which enhances furniture made to represent that of an airport departure lounge, including signposts and a world time zones clock.

The teenage room offered huge potential as a social and recreation space for our children and young people, but had blank walls, little furniture and limited use. Thanks to Thomas Cook Children’s Charity our children can have a more immersive experience of the wider world.

We know most of our children are too fragile to travel. They will probably never visit another country – many will never know what it’s like to go on any kind of family holiday, to board a plane or even travel by train. They will never have the chance to understand the sense of freedom and fulfilment that comes with exploration and adventure.

The new Around the World Room is so bright and welcoming, and really does give our children the sense of the big wide world beyond our walls. They will be able to use this new room for play, socialising, music and games. Siblings will also be able to use the room, and with its new look it really does have the potential to become one of the best-used rooms in the hospice.

Thomas Cook Children’s Charity said it was delighted to be able to offer a helping hand to our hospice.

A spokesman said: “Our sincere thanks go to the generous donations from Thomas Cook customers and employees who make this all possible. Thomas Cook Children’s Charity is committed to improving children’s lives and benefiting the communities in which they live.”

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