Working in the community

We have an Outreach service to support children, young people and their families who need help at home because they are too poorly to come to Brian House. Our team consists of Brian House nurses who take it in turns to rotate to work in the community.

Once we have received a referral, a member of the Outreach team will visit the family at home to assess whether the child is eligible for our care and if so, outline to parents how our services may benefit them.

What can we do?

  • Attend meetings and work closely with the child’s GP, district nurse and other children’s services locally to ensure that the most appropriate care is provided at the right time
  • Maintain links and good relationships with the child’s school
  • Provide information and expertise to families and professionals
  • Work with the family and other professionals to co-ordinate and complete an Advanced Care Plan
  • Visit children if they are in hospital for prolonged periods and attend their discharge planning meetings. We work closely with local hospitals and their teams.
  • We offer support around the time of a child or young person’s death and can provide pre- and post -bereavement counselling at the Linden Centre for the whole family.

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