14th June 2019

Our children are cooking up a treat in the garden thanks to a generous donation from Blackpool business Mud Kitchens R Fun.

James Rashid, who owns the business in South Shore, heard that we really wanted a mud kitchen so our amazing children can be as creative outdoors as they are in their specially adapted craft room.

James, who is also a taxi driver, said he had always wanted to support a local children’s charity through his business, so quickly set about making a bespoke kitchen especially for Brian House.

He said: “I’m in the Freemasons so already knew about the good work being done at Trinity Hospice and Brian House, but I happened to pick up a member of staff in my cab and we got talking about the hospice.

“She told me a mud kitchen was on their wish list of things they wanted, so I just knew I was able to help.”

The kitchen is worth an incredible £229, and James got to see our children enjoying it straight away.

He added: “It’s really nice to see children getting involved with their mud kitchen and enjoying something I have created, and I just know the kids at Brian House will absolutely love playing with it for many years to come.”

James, 47, gave up his job in car sales to start his business in September 2017 and said his children, now aged five and three, are his testers.

“My whole business started off because my children wanted a mud kitchen so I made them one, and when I looked into it there weren’t many companies out there making them,” he said.

“I have seen through my own children how important creative and messy play is in their development, and they still absolutely love their mud kitchen now, two years later.

“All my kitchens are handmade and CE marked, and I’m now looking at expanding the product line.”

We are absolutely delighted with our new mud kitchen. It’s something we have wanted for a long time, and the children just love playing with it. We know it will get so much use, especially now the weather is getting better.

We are so grateful to James for very generously making our own very special Brian House mud kitchen and gifting it to us so all of our children can enjoy creative play, whatever the weather.

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