Please read the following terms and conditions before purchasing tickets. By purchasing tickets for the Farewell Weekend event you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.



  1. Visitors must submit an official registration form with the correct non-refundable registration fee.
  2. Visitors are advised to pre-register online as there may not be any availability.
  3. Time slots are transferable however this is subject to availability. Please contact or call 01253 952561 for further information.



  1. The organiser, in keeping with the ethics and ethos of a children’s charitable organisation agrees that there will be no content or items of an adult, political, racial or socially inappropriate nature during this event.
  2. The venue and organisers reserve the right to refuse anyone entry to the venue at their discretion and any person who fails to comply with instructions from a steward or other person acting on behalf of the venue may be ejected. In addition, anyone found to be causing damage to the venue, the venue infrastructure, causing harm to any other person on site, behaving in an illegal, anti-social or aggressive manner, appearing to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or in breach of these conditions will be ejected and may be reported to the police. Children under 16 years of age will not be permitted without an adult. Alcohol, non-prescription drugs and weapons are not permitted.
  3. We aim to ensure the commencement of the event, however, should a decision be necessary to postpone or cancel the event, participants are encouraged to look out for updates via Brian House Children’s Hospice social media channels.
  4. Should alterations to the planned activity be necessary to ensure safety of our attendees, we will give prior notice either before the event or on arrival to the event of any alterations made.
  5. By purchasing tickets, all attendees confirm that they are happy for any footage or photographs taken during the event to be used to publicise or report on the event and Brian House Children’s Hospice generally. Should special dispensation be required, it is the responsibility of the attendees to inform Brian House Children's Hospice of such requirements.


Brian House Children’s Hospice reserves the right to update its terms and conditions in relation to the Farewell Weekend at any time prior to the event.


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